Celtic Ascension

Rich in Spirit … Without Ceiling. We are born of a “Free Catholic” vision, in the tradition of a fledgling “Independent Catholic” movement, inspired by the intuitions of the “Emerging Church,” and following in the example of Jewish Renewal. We require rigorous preparation for ordained ministry but encourage maximum self-determination and a creative response to the needs of today’s world. Our bishops and priests trace their “apostolic succession” as far back as that of even the most ancient of Christian communions.

We are about fellowship, the spiritual path, and love. We strive to be a fellowship of spiritual pilgrims. Without imposing dogma, we give ourselves and others the freedom and encouragement we need to live the truth and become ever more renewed and transformed. For us, Christ’s ministry is the law of love and truth. Saint Augustine may have said it best, “Love and do as you will.”

From Ascension Alliance Newsletter #1 ~ Father Bernie

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  1. Fr Bernie Finch says:

    I am glad you enjoyed it! We are just now starting to pick up some speed. Feel free to comment again!
    Fr Bernie

  2. Father Bernie says:

    I am glad you did! +Bernie