Contemplative Prayer


Brief review of monastic prayer of The Hours

My experience with the Tridentine Seminarian

Reasons for Contemplative Prayer and prayer in general

  1. To “live” a Spiritual life in this mess we call a civilization DK

One of my favorite sages DK says this in Discipleship in the New Age.    We have a tremendous challenge in our society of cell phones schedule and rapid transit.  Not really conducive to the contemplative experience!

  1. To have/build Inner Peace
  2. To pray without ceasing—a life which is expressed as a prayer
  3. To know God Within
  4. To become a finite point of outpouring of God’s infinite power (Leadbetter)

Elements of Prayer

  1. Stopping the “babbler”—what we learn from the East
  2. Reaching “Past the Ceiling”
  3. Priming the pump
  4. Using set prayers—morning, office, etc.
  5. Revisiting the Rosary
  6. Guided Meditation/Seed Thought Meditation
  7. The Eucharist as a prayer or guided meditation

What Contemplative Prayer is not

  1. Bargaining for one’s own way
  2. Black magic to manipulate other—my experience in Africa and Rapid City
  3. Gossip session
  4. Sermon
  5. Rigid marathon of self-abuse

Types and Uses of Contemplative Prayer

  1. Solitary practice of God’s presence
  2. Perpetual adoration—my experience at Fatima
  3. Peripatetic prayer (not very pathetic)
  4. Using groups for contemplative prayer
  • Rosary to unite a community in prayer—my experience with Fr. M. Adams
  • Intercession—general and specific
  • Becoming an energy modifier in a community
  • Problem resolution in a group, community, nation, world, by consensus
  • Intuitional growth through groups, meditations, and prayer with a leader

Getting Started

  1. As an individual—my experience at Christ’s Church
  2. As a church/community—my experience with Cursilo
  3. As a class—my experience with the Forum of Light and the Newcastle Study Group


Discipleship in the New Age, Alice Bailey

Glamour a World Problem

A Western way of Meditation, The Rosary Revisited, David Buxton Bryan

Rosaries of Divine Union Fr. Michael Adams

The New Catholic Concise Liturgy and Other Useful Writings, Fr. Alan Kemp




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