Establishing and Running a New Independent Catholic Church/Community

“The Old is not dead, the new is not yet”, Bishop Spong.”

 My own dilemma in starting a church in Pepin:

*      Not old time religion

*      Not new age

*      Small town

*      Business conflict

*      Meet where?

*      Collage of belief system in my little community

*      How to “hook” people

My experience as a Fundamentalist

*      Seven Baptist Churches

*      Two Community Churches  (New Age)

*     “Souls for Jesus is our Battle Cry”

*     God needs men to bear the chest to the storm & fight the  good fight for Christ, Bob Jones Sr. “Get ‘em lost Brother”.

*     Two key books on church planning:

The Spontaneous Expansion of the Church by Roland Allen

Missionary Methods: St. Paul’s or Ours? By Roland Allen

 The current social/religious situation

*      People – most are lost

*      Christianity is lost.

*     The old has to die – like Christ did – to resurrect the new Christ’s Body – 2nd coming?

Planting Independent Catholic Churches

Think of yourself as a “missionary” (shudder)

Think of yourself as an outpost of the Catholic – Universal Spiritual/ Christian faith & for the developing community of Christians/World Servers.

When an idea gets clear it begins to be magnetic.

“You may be a member of the Church of Antioch and not know it”, the Bish.

“Be against something” Jack Hyles – A theme polarizes in a magnetic way.

Bob Mounds & Booze

*      Against equals Fear, hate, warfare. We have turned that corner in the PLAN of God on Earth – relative to fear & hate as a motivation.

*      When the energy leaves a negative theme it dies.

*      Seek a theme for your area that will attract people (expand)

  • Classes, what subject: dreams, meditation, Bible, etc.
  • Catholics
  • Baptism (history of circumcision)
  • Marriage (open communion)
  • Men and women
  • Sexual orientatio
  • Divorce – Glen Ray
  • Handicapped
  • Prisoners

The Key person concept – Andrew got his brother to come to Christ. “You need a bird dog.”

*      Key Venue – discuss place to meet.

*      Don’t go dark.

*      You will have problems if you attract people. (This is a big stumbling block)

*      Invite people – use church cards, personal contacts – let the bird dogs work – share your dream, then have a service/class, etc. let it develop a life of its own.

You hold charter?

*      A congregational rule, vs Government by Hierarchy

*      Contrast; Church leadership styles

*      Other denominations are different

*      Build a nucleus of people that see the vision clearly.

Bishop Dan Gensing & the American Catholic Union– (Bingo) Convergence

*      Evangelical

*      Liturgist

*      Charismatics

*     New agers

*A New Christianity For a New World 

Why Traditional Faith is Dying & How a New Faith is Being Born, John Shelby Spong, Harper Publishing, 2001.

(Each of these subjects is a discussion in and of itself. Later Postings will be dealt with more individually. Stay posted!)

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One Response to Establishing and Running a New Independent Catholic Church/Community

  1. Hello, Bishop Bernie. . . .

    Happy to know that you are still allowing comments on this post!

    It looks like a great outline for something that could eventually be as big as a book!

    What I would love to see (or read) here, are some of the outline items expanded upon.

    One that particularly intrigues me is the comment at the top, by Bishop Spong “The Old is not dead, the new is not yet”: What, specifically are you doing re: carrying the best of the “old” into the “new”, or emerging church? Do you have discussions with congregations/parishes/individuals on what those differences look like? What can others that feel as you do to help spread this type of message, that “the world, indeed, is changing”, and that there is “no more business as usual”?

    And the nitty-gritty: What types of challenges occur in the small town, and what effect does it have on your business? Can these new concepts be used to bolster long-held beliefs, breathing new life into old assumptions (based more on culture than on scripture?)

    I am rambling, but you get the point: I like the outline, and am looking for it to be fleshed out, as only you can do.

    Blessings to you, my brother. . . .

    Steve (a fellow wanderer)