A Conversation With A Disillusioned Priest

Just recently I had a conversation with one of our priests. He was feeling very unhappy with the qualities of people he observed who demonstrate far less than ideal Christian attributes. In fact some of the things he mentioned were a lot worse that this phrase implies. I wish to share with the blog some of the things I chose to share with him.

Dear Brother __________,

I understand your disgust with the things that bother you. I often wonder what our Heavenly Father must feel as He looks down and observes all of it. Hopefully it is with kindness and mercy. It is Interesting that the True Church of God has made any progress at all considering it is being operated by Humans! I hope you will glimpse a bit of His love from day to day and it will lead you to continue Your service to Him and the Human race such as it is.

Much Love and Peace extended to you,


It is so important for us to do the inner work. Most folks are not doing mystical work in +mess we call a civilization to quote DK. We have done esoteric and exoteric healing in our community for over 21 years. We have been doing Liturgy with a mystical esoteric focus for over 12. I can see a change in the community. People are kinder and things are working to attract good people of good will to live here, I am building an esoteric house here and do not count success by numbers. Oh well that’s my sermon! Keep the Faith Brother?

Love and peace


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