Definitions of Ascension

ASCENSION–An Alliance for Spiritual Renewal is born. It is both a Church and mystical movement – without ceiling, walls, or affiliation with any other ecclesiastical body. Emerging from a small mission community it strives to be a spiritual “stagecoach stop” for pilgrims and small faith communities called and gathered for the opportunity to experience spiritual renewal, maximum self-determination, and fellowship with like-minded sojourners.

We are born of a “Free Catholic” vision, in the tradition of a fledgling “Independent Catholic” movement, inspired by the intuitions of the “Emerging Church,” and following the example of the “Jewish Renewal” movement. We are really part of a much larger stirring of Spirit that beckons us to transcend old ways that no longer work and ascend to higher levels of consciousness and spiritual living. To use a metaphor from New Testament scripture: Don’t put new wine into old wineskins. In keeping with the wisdom of spiritual reflection, we can say we are open to exploring new insights in conversation with and respect for ancient traditions. If your own Spirit resonates with what you’re reading, perhaps you’re already part of the ASCENSION vision and didn’t realize it. At this time we are building a network of affiliated communities and an ordination program that will serve them. If you are interested in exploring an affiliation with us, now might be a good time for you to contact us.

Ascension Alliance Newsletter #1

Father Bernie

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